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Transparently reflecting on his coaching indiscretions and the series of pride-based decisions that led to the imploding of his career, Dave Bliss reminds people in the business world that it's vital to be aware of the pride that lurks within. Dave has experienced the consequences of following his pride, and his message to businessmen is one that he calls "Headlights" -- a blinking of his lights, making oncoming traffic aware of the danger ahead. Dave empowers businessmen to reconstruct their worldview in today's cut-throat culture.


How can women not only survive in the workplace but also thrive in it? Sylvia Hatchell might be in the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame, but it has not been an easy road to success. She has dealt with sexism and discrimination on its highest level. However, just as the title of her book (Fight! Fight!indicates, she has not backed down in the midst of sexism or inequality. Whether it's fighting leukemia or battling male chauvinism, Sylvia is a fighter who can inspire others to stand up for themselves and thrive in today's society. 


Whether parenting his three boys (Luke, Tyler, and Cody), serving as the Vice President of DistinXion, or speaking around the country, Steve Zeller is passionate about developing leaders -- on the court and off the court. Steve gives several leadership talks throughout the year to youth, college kids, young professionals, businessmen, and those who are nearing retirement or looking for the next stage in their careers. Steve is an avid reader who has dedicated his life to leadership training and using sports as an avenue to teach others about character and integrity.


Eleven-year NFL punter. Super Bowl XLI Champion. Musician. Author. Speaker. There isn't much that Hunter Smith can't do. Hunter has experienced the thrill of being on top of the world but also the emptiness that the mountaintop entails; he has experienced the humiliation of his career ending because of a dropped snap but the fulfillment in using his platform to impact others, whether on the mountaintop or in the valley. Hunter inspires people to use their platforms for the good of others, and he helps people reconstruct their worldview so that they aren't swayed by the pursuit of money or fame.


How many twenty-two-year-olds do you know who tour the country on a speaking circuit, have already authored a book, and started their own ministry? Taylor Morton is young, but he is experienced. He has spoken at events with Tony Robbins and John Maxwell, is the author of It's Only Pain: But It's Real And It Hurts, and is the founder of Converge Ministries. Whenever Taylor speaks to groups in the business world, he takes his inspirational testimony -- one that involves the death of his brother, cancer, and being forced to walk away from football at Alabama -- and applies it to their lives and struggles.


Robert Walker is a chief negotiator and worldclass entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of The Core Media Group and US Sports Management, a sports agency based in Charlotte, NC. He also saved Sports Spectrum Magazine, the only faith-based sports magazine in the country, from extinction and made it profitable. Robert is a risk-taker, storyteller, and an idea machine. He has taught a number of business classes at Wingate University and Johnson & Wales University. He enjoys speaking to groups about entrepreneurship, negotiating, and risk-taking.


Everyone wants a book these days. Sometimes to strengthen one's personal brand. Sometimes for financial gain. Unfortunately, much of the time, the motive behind writing a book has little to do with the message but rather everything that there is to selfishly gain for the author. What makes CORE unique is that we only work with authors who are so passionate about the message in their book that they want to take that message and share it audibly with others. Our CORE authors are also passionate speakers who can have a profound impact on your organization, club, school, congregation, or other group.





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