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Quit paying a fortune

for each speaker.

Book our trusted lineup.


FOUR SPEAKERS + 800 BOOKS = $9,500

Whether you are the CEO of a company or a chaplain at a college, we know that you are tired of paying outrageous speaking fees for the guest speakers who you contract. Not only do we want to give you access to our lineup of honest and genuine authors, but we want to give you positive literature and resources for personal growth as well. Purchase 200 copies of Fall to Grace by Dave Bliss, Fight! Fight! by Sylvia Hatchell, Raising Boys The Zeller Way by Steve and Lorri Zeller, and It's Only Pain by Taylor Morton for $9,500 (35 percent off), and all four TCMG authors will speak at your institution, church, company, or organization for FREE (travel expenses to be negotiated). The discounted 35-percent rate on these four books also gives you flexibility to sell the books yourself so that you can pay off your expenses or even make a profit on your investment.

It shouldn't be expensive for you to bring in positive speakers who inspire, encourage, and challenge the people who you are entrusted to. So why is it? We are here to make it easy for you.


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