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We find CREATIVE ways to MULTIPLY 

an author's message BEYOND THE BOOK.




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For many publishers, the end-goal is to produce a book. At CORE, this is just the beginning. We pride ourselves on developing creative strategies to multiply an author's message that go far beyond the book. Click below and you will see that we have taken the initiative to package each author's message in different ways and provide a wide range of potential experiences for the consumer. Whether it's a father/son brunch or a character-based football camp or a weekend-conference about a theological theme, you will find that the experiences we are offering are intimate and personal -- a new way of doing publishing, just the way we like it. 


If you have an idea that isn't on our list of experiences, contact us HERE. Our passion is to do anything we can to meet your needs and provide a meaningful experience for you and your group.





Different authors. Same spirit. One experience.

The best thing about having a genuine team of authors who are passionate about sharing their stories is that it allows us to create different experiences for the consumer. Our fraternity of CORE Media authors love working together to enrich your event. We call this

the CUSTOM CORE EXPERIENCE. If you have an idea that isn’t listed on our site, email The Core Media Group with your pitch, and we will run it by our CORE authors.




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