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Are you tired of chasing the empty promises of ease, comfort, and security? Are you ready to make your life count today...and for eternity?


Everywhere you look, there is a constant enticement to pursue a life of ease. In fact, for many people, “Easy Street” has become their primary ambition in life. There’s only one problem: the apostle Paul warns us that, “Easy street is a dead-end street.” In the end, it leaves you feeling empty, and it deceives you into believing that the purpose of life is to avoid anything difficult. 


In Stop Chasing Easy, Stephen Blandino inspires us with a bigger vision beyond the edges of ease. He unpacks the apostle Paul’s wisdom in the book of Philippians and shares four powerful trade-offs that will help you make your life count. 


No matter where you find yourself, Stop Chasing Easy will inspire you to think differently, grow to your full potential, and pursue a mission worth your life. Rather than chasing easy, you’ll learn how to make your life count today…and for eternity. 


About the Author

Stephen Blandino is the founder and lead pastor of 7 City Church near Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Stephen holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and is a blogger, leadership coach, and the host of the Leader Fluent Podcast. Stephen is the author of several books including Do Good Works, GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution, and Creating Your Church’s Culture. Stephen and his wife, Karen, live in the Fort Worth area. They have one daughter, Ashley, son-in-law, Dylan, and two grandsons, Elijah and Wyatt. Learn more about Stephen’s blog, books, podcast, and resources at


Stop Chasing Easy

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