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CORE authors aren't just

interested in book sales.

They are PASSIONATE about their MESSAGE and want to share it audibly with others.


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Gina Pastore, author of Picking Up My Shattered Pieces, is the co-host of Real Life with Gina Pastore and David James, a radio broadcast heard Saturday evenings throughout Southern California on KKLA 99.5 FM and through the web at Growing up in Upland, California, she married her childhood sweetheart, Frank Pastore, a highly regarded pitcher in the Cincinnati Reds organization. After eight seasons in major league baseball, Frank became the radio talk show host of The Frank Pastore Show heard on KKLA in Los Angeles. In 2012, Frank was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and died a month later at the age of fifty-five. Following her husband’s tragic death, Gina enjoys encouraging people through her broadcasts and inspirational speaking events. 



Sylvia Hatchell, author of Fight! Fight!, is the head coach of the women's basketball team at the University of North Carolina. She currently has the third most career wins in NCAA women's basketball history and is in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame. In 2013, Hatchell was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, one of the most serious forms of leukemia for a woman of her age. Sylvia is passionate about encouraging people to fight and press on through life's many storms instead of sinking into despair and negativity. 



Dave Bliss, author of Fall to Grace, is a former NCAA Division I college basketball coach who earned over 500 victories during a twenty-eight-year coaching career. While coaching at Baylor, Dave stumbled and admitted to several NCAA violations, leading to his resignation in 2003. The resulting guilt and shame has propelled him on a spiritual journey where he has awakened to God’s unfathomable grace and love. Dave is passionate about second chances and helping others discover true hope, joy, and purpose in this life on earth. 



Hunter Smith, author of The Jersey Effect, is a twelve-year NFL punter, Super Bowl XLI Champion, and the lead singer of The Hunter Smith Band. Hunter is passionate about helping athletes, parents, and coaches gain a proper perspective on sports, using real-life examples and biblical principles to address negative cultural trends and illuminate the truth and lies in athletics.



Jason Romano, author of Live to Forgiveis the host and producer of the Sports Spectrum podcast where he interviews athletes, coaches, and other personalities on the intersection of sports and faith. For 17 years, Jason was a Senior Manager and Producer at ESPN. Romano has spoken to thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies and churches on topics such as faith in the workplace, sports broadcasting, forgiveness, addiction, social media excellence, living with purpose and many others.



Kordell Stewart, nicknamed "Slash," is a former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers who played eleven years in the NFL. Kordell, author of Truth, lost his mother in his youth, two cousins in his teens, and his sister in his twenties. Kordell, one of the first African-American mobile quarterbacks in the NFL, faced much scrutiny in Pittsburgh for his unorthodox style of quarterbacking and dealt with many false rumors. He is passionate about helping people adopt a positive mentality, no matter what unfolds in life.

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Steve Zeller, author of Raising Boys The Zeller Way, is the Vice President of Basketball at DistinXion, a non-profit organization founded by the Zeller family that integrates character and sports training to help build family relationships. Steve is the father of Luke, Tyler, and Cody Zeller, who all played NCAA Division I basketball and earned contracts in the NBA. Steve is passionate about parenting, leadership, and using sports as an avenue for character training. 



Robert Walker, president and CEO of The Core Media Group, is an NFL agent who oversees US Sports Management in Charlotte, North Carolina. Robert is passionate about business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and adopting biblical principles in the competitive corporate world. 



Randy Rich, author of Nothing Wasted, is a former defensive back for the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos. At 5’9” and 180 lbs., Rich defied expectations by playing professionally in the NFL. In 1977, he helped take the Broncos through their championship run and into Super Bowl XII. Rich currently serves as Vice President of AiR1’s Dare to Dream program. He is passionate about inspiring students to know that they were specifically created for a unique purpose and that they have the ability and opportunity to achieve that purpose by making the right choices.



Taylor Morton, author of It's Only Pain, is a motivational speaker, youth pastor and former football player for the University of Alabama. Taylor lost his brother, Trent, in a four-wheeling accident in 2007, and was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. His passion is using his pain to help people discover hope, joy and purpose through Christ. Taylor is the founder of Converge Ministries, which exists to break down racial, social, and denominational barriers that hinder Christ-followers from coming together and worshiping the one, true God.



Lorri Zeller, author of Raising Boys The Zeller Way, is the Vice President of Administration at DistinXion, a non-profit organization founded by the Zeller family that integraters character and sports training to help build family relationships. Lorri is the mother of Luke, Tyler, and Cody Zeller, who all played NCAA Division I basketball and earned contracts in the NBA. Lorri, a member of the Coe College Athletic Hall of Fame, is passionate about parenting, leadership, and using sports as an avenue for character training.



Stephen Copeland, writer at The Core Media Group, is an experienced storyteller who helps CORE authors share their stories with the world. Stephen is an accomplished ghostwriter and author. He is passionate about journalism and using the art of storytelling as an avenue to point people toward something that is bigger than themselves. 


Everyone wants a book these days. Sometimes to strengthen one's personal brand. Sometimes for financial gain. Unfortunately, much of the time, the motive behind writing a book has little to do with the message but rather everything that there is to selfishly gain for the author. What makes The Core Media Group unique is that we only work with authors who are so passionate about the message in their book that they want to take that message and share it audibly with others. Our CORE authors are also passionate speakers who can have a profound impact on your organization, club, school, congregation, or other group.





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