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Have you ever wondered if you’re missing out on untapped potential? Maybe you have a successful career, but your marriage is failing. Or you earned a spot on the varsity team, but your grades have dropped. Or you’ve gained plenty of friends, but you’ve grown distant with God.

Odds are you’re standing on a less-than-firm foundation.

In Built 4 Winning, Super Bowl champion strength coach Jeff Friday unpacks four foundational, interdependent building blocks for achieving your full potential in sports, business and life—and helping others do the same. Through stories of people like Kurt Warner, Andy Dalton and Jesus Christ, Coach Friday will help you identify blind spots in your foundation and build meaningful growth in your own life and the lives of others.


About the Author

Strength and conditioning coach Jeff Friday has over 21 years of NFL experience working with elite athletes to get them to the top of their game. He has taught, motivated, and inspired players from three NFL teams, including the 2000 Super Bowl Champions.

Now, he teaches individuals and organizations how to develop the same championship mindset of world-class athletes. The Four Building Blocks of Performance are the bedrock of Coach Friday's success. The principles he teaches can be applied to any occupation where high performance is a must.

Coach Friday's book Built 4 Winning blends stories from his professional coaching experience with practical learning that individuals can put to immediate use to maximize their potential and transform those around them. His unique perspective will help athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders understand their strengths and create a plan to reach their physical, mental, social, and spiritual goals.


Built 4 Winning

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