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More than a decade after Baylor University's men's basketball program fell to pieces, former college basketball coach Dave Bliss opens up about his personal journey—from worldy fame, to humiliation, to spiritual discovery—and the unfathomable grace revealed to him by a God who wants to give all of us a second chance at life. Though the headlines following Bliss’s indiscretions read that he "fell from grace," his resulting guilt and shame forced him to fall to grace, as Bliss learned to accept and receive God's love and forgiveness.



"As you read this wonderful book, you'll learn—as Dave did—that the antidote for false pride is humility and the antidote for fear and self-doubt is trusting the unconditional love of God."

-Ken Blanchard, New York Times bestselling author and author of the foreword 


About the Author

Dave Bliss, author of Fall to Grace, is a former NCAA Division I college basketball coach who earned over 500 victories during a twenty-eight-year coaching career. While coaching at Baylor, Dave stumbled and admitted to several NCAA violations, leading to his resignation in 2003. The resulting guilt and shame has propelled him on a spiritual journey where he has awakened to God’s unfathomable grace and love. Dave is passionate about second chances and helping others discover true hope, joy, and purpose in this life on earth. 

Fall To Grace

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