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Fearless As a Honey Badger, Brave Like a Wolverine is unlike anything you have ever read. Andrew Olshine has down syndrome, but don’t think for a moment that he sees this as a problem. Andrew has written his first book with lots of conversations with his dad, David. This inspirational daily journal of faith is for kids, or adults who act like kids or want to be young again! Andrew and David share many life stories, plus Bible passages, facts about brave and courageous animals, some great movie quotes and practical applications. You are going to love the photos of over 50 animals! 


This journey of 50 days will help you take steps in handling worry, anxiety and fear. You will be challenged to live fearless as a honey badger and brave like a wolverine.


About the Authors

Andrew David Olshine is a star. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina. Andrew loves God, his family, reading, people, and typing on his laptop. Andrew is an animal expert! He completed his high school certificate, leads a weekly Bible devotional at a youth group, and attends college classes with his dad on Thursdays. Andrew swam on the Irmo High school swim team for five years, won several Special Olympics swimming and paddle boarding competitions, and loves tennis, ping pong and Disney movies. His favorite foods are pizza, chocolate chip cookies and Chick-fil-A.  


Dr. David Olshine is Andrew’s dad, author of 16 books, including The Mystery Of Silence: Making Sense of Life When God Seems Absent. David is Director and Professor of Youth Ministry, Family and Culture at Columbia International University and founder of Youth Ministry Coaches. He is married to Rhonda, and also has a daughter Rachel, son in law Chris, and grandsons Myles and Noah. David loves swimming, beaches, reading, traveling and hanging out with his family. David speaks all around the country to youth, youth workers and parents of teens.

Fearless As a Honey Badger, Brave Like a Wolverine

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