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In one instant, just a slide of an automobile over some gravel along a desert highway, brought Debbie Siciliani face to face with her greatest fear, the deaths of her husband and son on their way to a “guys’ weekend.”


In the aftermath, the world closed in on Debbie, a mother of three surviving children, and it appeared her only option for survival was to hold tight through the pain long enough to experience the healing that comes with time. 


But God did not see it that way. God began to enter into her life in ways she never saw coming—undeniable God moments when He flagged all attention to Himself, to prove time is not the only healer in the aftermath of searing loss.


About the Authors

Debbie Siciliani Smallwood is an inspirational speaker and special contributor on Real Life radio program. Debbie experienced a horrific loss when both her husband and eldest son died in a car accident. Today, she motivates others to walk boldly through life’s “curve balls.” Debbie has three children, Greg, Chelsie, and Sammy, and one son in heaven, Nick. She is happily remarried to Ron Smallwood, father to two married sons, and together they enjoy three grandchildren.


Dave Franco is a writer of more than 30 years having started out as an advertising copywriter in New York City, and later becoming a stories writer, having written hundreds of stories/features over the last 13 years, including 17 books as a ghostwriter. He writes legacy heirloom books for families who want to leave their story for their heirs, and speaks on How to make the power of story benefit your business and personal interactions.

Kisses at the Beach House

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