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Micah woke up one Monday morning to find her husband of 13 years unconscious in the shower. At 43 years old, on no medication, Ben Dillon died of a chronic total obstruction heart attack. At 36, mother to two young children, Stone and Stella, Micah now had to continue life without her husband. In almost an instant, she lost three key aspects of her identity: she was no longer a wife, she had to step away from her career as a real estate agent to take care of her children, and she temporarily lost her ability to sing because of overuse. For six months, everything Micah had relied upon for identity, purpose and worth was stripped away. Yet, in the middle of it all, God provided Himself to fill in the gaps of her life. My Mended Heart includes 100 encouraging quotes written by Micah that focus on being a sender of goodness to another so that they too can find the Great Mender, Jesus.

My Mended Heart

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