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Book bundle including a copy of My Mended Heart and Heart Scribe Vibes.


About the Author

Micah Dillon is an artist, songwriter, musician, and worship leader at Rock Church in Franklin, Virginia. In 2017, Micah woke up to find her husband of 13 years, Ben, unconscious in the shower. He had died of a heart attack. As the mother of two young children, Micah had to continue life without her husband and rediscover her identity, purpose, and worth. In the aftermath of her husband’s passing, Micah wrote a book, My Mended Heart, documenting God’s work to mend the gaps in her life and empower her to send goodness to others. This sending has now become Micah’s mission, and she’s shared her story with a number of audiences through her book, speaking events, and, now, her music. Micah D released her first EP, “Heart Scribe Vibes,” August 6, 2021, with the goal of continuing to connect others to the Great Mender.

Sending & Mending Bundle

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