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In The Golden Age of Strength & Conditioning, 32 college and professional strength coaches share their story of how they became part of the “golden years” of strength and conditioning. From sharing their start in the profession, to the adversities they had to overcome, and the philosophies and principles that guided their careers, these coaches proved why strength and conditioning is important to almost every athlete in every sport in the world.



“Overcoming obstacles and adversity is what builds character, strength, and in this case, a profession. You will be inspired by how these coaches pursued their passion no matter the cost. This book is a must read for anyone in the strength and conditioning profession today, but especially for those just starting out.”

-Mack Brown, University of North Carolina head football coach, former ABC/ESPN college football commentator, and former head football coach for the University of Texas


“Just the experiences alone in this book should make it mandatory reading for the field of strength and conditioning. I have always placed a great importance on my strength and conditioning staffs to push my players to prepare them for the rigors of practice and games. However, I also relied on them to help me build a mental toughness and a common goal for one cause mentality amongst my players. My strength and conditioning coaches have always been about more than just the sets and reps!”

-Dick Vermeil, former head coach for the UCLA Bruins, the Philadelphia Eagles, the St. Louis Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs


“As an athlete, I know the importance of strength and conditioning. This is a great read about the early years and the development of the strength and conditioning profession. Two of my strength and conditioning coaches are in this book.”

-Alonzo Mourning, NBA Hall of Famer


The Golden Age of Strength and Conditioning

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