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Is it faith or religion?

Targeting the mature Christian in easy to understand language, the book explores the difference between faith alone in Christ alone, and those elements of church religion that have been hoisted onto the backs of believers. One travesty after another has been committed in the name of the religious church throughout 2000 years of its history. Many of what we think of today as essential parts of the Christian Church are not scriptural at all, and worse, may have pagan origins. The author distinguishes between those elements that are scriptural and those that are not. This book is not for the faint-hearted, and it may offend many who are wedded to the church system. Deconstructing the religious church reveals a wonderful simplicity in trusting in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation. For some it will be a wonderful relief to have confirmed what they have long suspected about the church system. The curtain is drawn aside to reveal the Christian Faith in all its simplicity and beauty.


About the Author

John Clements is a medical practitioner whose career has spanned over 50 years. He has a heart for children in developing countries. His early career included a year running a Christian mission hospital in the Peruvian Amazon followed by postings as Chief Medical Officer in Bangladesh and Afghanistan with Save the Children Fund. He joined the global leadership team for infant and childhood immunization in the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva. Over his 17 years with the UN, he worked in around 100 countries, mostly in the developing world. He has taught public health at post-graduate level in a number of universities. He writes extensively and has published many books, book chapters, and articles in the medical literature on public health issues. In 2003 he moved to Australia where he worked as a consultant with several UN and Australia-based international health agencies. He is an associate professor at the University of Melbourne. In 2020 he was awarded Member of the Order of Australia for his work in international health. He has two adult sons, both of whom work in the international aid sector. He has been an elder in an evangelical church for a number of years before moving to house churches.

The Gospel Unadorned

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