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What do you know? This life is filled with patterns-some obvious, some hidden. Whether we realize it or not, as we experience life-encountering situations, building relationships, making connections-we learn more and more about these rhythms of human existence. The question isn't whether or not these patterns exist. No, the important questions to ask yourself is, "how much do I know?" Through 50 easily-digestible chapters, The Know Book breaks down these themes of life and provides a guide for navigating through them. You've had the experiences, the relationships, the personal convictions. Here's your chance to rediscover what you've known all along.


About the Author

Robert B. Walker was the publisher of Sports Spectrum magazine for more than thirteen years. He is the author of numerous books, including ADvantage: The Athletic Director's Ultimate Resource, Wisdom & Sports, Drive Thru Success, Living the Thankful Life, the Revive book series, The Praying Athlete Quote Book series, The Know Book, and On The Road: Fitness, Nutrition, + 100 Motivational Quotes for the Road. He is the president and CEO of Unlimited Success Sports Management, Inc., a full-service sports management firm that represents current NFL players as their agent and provides full-service marketing and branding for athletes and companies. He is the founder of The Praying Athlete movement.


The Know Book/The Know Journal

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