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Book bundle including a copy of The Time I Had Coffee with Jesus and The Mask.


About the Author

Rick Bundschuh is a much published author with titles that include: Soul Surfer – The Bethany Hamilton Story, The Mask, Deep Like Me, Don’t Rock the Boat – Capsize It!, Passed Thru Fire, Surviving Middle School, and Moving Messages.


After a long tenure as a Youth Pastor, Rick became one of the founding leaders of Kauai Christian Fellowship in Hawaii where he still serves as a Teaching Pastor as well as the Director for The Anchor House School of the Bible.


In addition, Rick’s side gig as a cartoonist has often been put to work illustrating books and materials where satirical or edgy humor is called for.


Rick and his wife Lauren make their home, along with a rack full of surfboards, in Koloa, Kauai.

The Mask and The Time I Had Coffee With Jesus

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