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Most of us have wrestled with doubt, fear, stress, and wonder what to do when life gets difficult. How do we handle adversity? What do we do when God seems passive, quiet or absent?


The Mystery of Silence will take you not only into the author’s world, but also look into examples which will help you discover what silence means in your world, and how to handle the noises all around us.


About the Author

Dr. David Olshine is lead Professor of Youth Ministry, Family and Culture at Columbia International University (CIU) in Columbia, South Carolina. David is a veteran youth worker, communicator to over 2.5 million people, the author of sixteen books. David also serves part-time as teaching pastor at Sandhills Community Church. David is the founder of Youth Ministry Coaches, a consulting business to help churches find and keep youth workers. David married out of his league to Rhonda, and have two amazing kids, Rachel and Andrew, a son-in-law, Chris, and a grandson, Myles. David loves his family, reading, seafood, dark chocolate, mountains, beaches, swimming, travelling, college football and basketball.


The Mystery of Silence

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