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Our first eight volumes of The Praying Athlete Quote Book address numerous topics including, playing the game,  teamwork, growth & preparation for the future, keeping the right mentality, staying motivated, personal accountability, and living life. Quotes and thoughts from Robert B. Walker, paired with scripture from God’s Word, encourages  each and every reader to be the best person they can be.


About the Author

Robert B. Walker was the publisher of Sports Spectrum magazine for more than thirteen years. He is the author of numerous books, including ADvantage: The Athletic Director's Ultimate Resource, Wisdom & Sports, Drive Thru Success, Living the Thankful Life, the Revive book series, The Praying Athlete Quote Book series, The Know Book, and On The Road: Fitness, Nutrition, + 100 Motivational Quotes for the Road. He is the president and CEO of Unlimited Success Sports Management, Inc., a full-service sports management firm that represents current NFL players as their agent and provides full-service marketing and branding for athletes and companies. He is the founder of The Praying Athlete movement.


The Praying Athlete Quote Book All 8 Volumes

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