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Practically every church claims to be committed to the Great Commission, but for many it’s mostly lip service. In countless churches, world missions are low on the list of priorities. Tomoka Christian Church, in Ormond Beach, Florida, is one church that decided to make the Great Commission a top priority. Following Jesus’ command to go into all the world and make disciples, this small congregation of around 200 people committed to planting a church in every country on earth and every state in the United States.


Thirteen years after making the commitment, the goal was reached. Little Tomoka Christian—now a megachurch—planted hundreds of churches all over the world, even in some of the toughest and most dangerous places on earth. In We Said Yes, Joe Putting, Tomoka’s lead pastor throughout this entire period, tells the incredible story of how it happened and shares the lessons learned along the way...lessons that would enable any church—yes, even yours—to do the same. 


About the Author

Joe Putting is a pulls-no-punches pastor, leader, and speaker who is fully committed to winning as many souls to Christ as possible. Highly educated with a bachelor’s degree, three master’s degrees, and a PhD, Joe nevertheless comes across as completely down-to-earth. He is the Chairman of the Board for Christian Arabic Services & serves on the board for Florida Church Partners. He has been married to his wife Luanne for 39 years, and together they have five children: Leah, Luke, Hana, Jacob, and Alisha. He has been the pastor at Tomoka Christian for 30 years.

We Said Yes

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