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“In whose life is 'probably benign' good enough?"

Steve Zeller, author of "Raising Boys The Zeller Way," speaks at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.

A devastating diagnosis, a 500-mile journey, & a quest to advance the next generation of breast cancer screening.

“‘In whose life is “probably benign” good enough?’ Empowering, uplifting, and educational, Probably Benign is a compelling read—encouraging us ALL to advocate for ourselves, and to live true to ourselves with conviction and purpose.”

- Dr. Laura Carfang, Ed.D, Founder and Executive Director of

Leslie Ferris Yerger, a Stage IV breast cancer thriver, shares the story of her diagnosis, her breast cancer completely invisible on mammography and ultrasound, and her determination to educate women about supplemental breast cancer screeningso that her story doesn’t become their story.

Leslie was diagnosed with Stage IV lobular breast cancer in November 2017, when abnormalities were found during a routine bone density scan. Unfortunately, her cancer was not visible on either a mammogram or a ultrasound, as would sometimes be the case with lobular cancer hiding in dense breast tissue. This is not a failure of anyone, but it is simply a failure of our current technology. And now, along with all of her current work, Leslie seeks to make a positive impact in advancing the next major breakthrough in breast cancer screening, so more women with breast cancer become survivors. Fundraising during her Camino de Santiago walk in the fall of 2018 became her first means to that end.

“After reading Probably Benign, I was amazed at Leslie’s courageous journey and enduring resilience. She brings hope and important information on breast cancer screening to so many people so they don’t have to do this walk alone.”

-Sandy Mitsch, Certified Daring Way™ & Dare to Lead™ Facilitator

“Leslie shares what every woman should know about breast cancer screening in an entertaining and empowering way. Learn and act!”

- Dr. Conellia Ha, Medical Director of Radiology @ Mercy Medical Center - CHSLI

Using metaphor found on the ancient pilgrimage, El Camino de Santiago in Spain, Probably Benign takes you on Leslie’s journey from pain and grief to gratitude and action as she traverses 500 miles across northern Spain on foot.

Probably Benign is available at and


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