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The Core Media Group launches innovative website that CEO says will 'change landscape of publish

Steve Zeller, author of "Raising Boys The Zeller Way," speaks at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.

CHARLOTTE, N.C -- The first four words that you see on The Core Media Group's revamped website are these: "more than a publisher." Based on what they are trying to do, it seems to be a fitting claim.

The Core Media Group, a small book publishing company founded in 2011 that helps people in the sports and entertainment industry share their stories, has released a new, innovative website that their CEO, Robert Walker, believes will "change the landscape of publishing" moving forward.

Walker's goal through TCMG's new website is to offer different ways for readers to connect over the messages in an author's book. Says the site: "The connection between authors and readers discovering spirit in story is the very essence of who The Core Media Group is."

Branded on the website under the words "Read it; hear it; feel it," each author has an interactive, detailed page where consumers can 1) order a standard, autographed, or personalized copy of a book; 2) book the author to speak at a customized function or event; or 3) experience the messages in the author's book through events like conferences, camps, and even dinners and sporting events. One page even features shared experiences where different TCMG authors work together to combine their messages at an event, creating a unique experience for those in attendance.

"What makes The Core Media Group unique are the authors who we choose to work with," Walker says. "Though our authors might have achieved some level of fame in the sports and entertainment field, they are real people with real stories who want to impact others through the messages in their books. The driving force behind the books we publish at TCMG is their ability to bring hope and encouragement to others. Because of this, our authors not only want to write a book, but they also want to speak about the messages in their book. Yes, our new website features your typical bookstore, but it is also a database of speakers. I'm convinced that there is nothing in the publishing industry that is as personal to the consumer as this."

Walker says that the website was designed to make it easy for readers to connect with their favorite authors, and for people in leadership positions (business owners, pastors, principals, etc.) to find a genuine guest speaker for their company, congregation, school or group. On the new TCMG site, consumers are not only able to order autographed books, but they can also order personalized books, customized by the buyer. For those who are looking for a guest speaker, each author's message has already been conveniently packaged to fit into the context of a business, school, church or book club.

"Our website was designed for the consumer, to make it easy for them to connect with our authors and use their messages to impact others," Walker says. "We are looking forward to see how lives will be shaped through the gateway of our consumers."


Founded on the principles of authentic storytelling and servant leadership, The Core Media Group is more than just a publisher –- we are writers, creative designers, and brand builders. We are focused on serving clients from the world of sports and entertainment –- real people with a unique platform to share real stories. Together, we are united in our passion to illuminate their stories –- meaningful stories that encourage, challenge, and inspire our readers.

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