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Dare to Dream Founder and Former NFL Football Player Randy Rich Pens Book About Self-Worth, Identity

Steve Zeller, author of "Raising Boys The Zeller Way," speaks at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Former NFL football player and Super Bowl XII runner-up Randy Rich has written a book about his personal journey of attempting to compensate for his deep-seated insecurities, the mistakes his lack of awareness led to, and his spiritual awakening to a God of love and grace.

“I wholeheartedly encourage you to read Nothing Wasted and go on this journey with Randy to see what treasures God will awaken in you,” says Steve Foley, former Denver Broncos defensive back. “This book will inspire and help you find your true identity in a supernatural God who knew you before the foundations of the world—how that relationship will transform your life.”

In Nothing Wasted: Learning to Believe You Are Enough in a World of Labels, Rich journeys inward and evaluates the voids in his life and where they came from, while inviting readers to do the same in their own lives. He poses the questions: What would it take to believe that you are enough? What are the labels—that others have placed on you or that you have placed on yourself—that are trying to rob you of your identity?

“We all have areas in our lives in which we struggle to truly feel and believe that we are enough—whether it’s in our faiths, relationships, careers, or pursuits,” says Mike Novak, CEO at K-LOVE and author of the foreword, “but Nothing Wasted is a manual for those who are tempted to believe those lies, which, on some level, is all of us.”

Rich’s story challenges readers to examine the fragile areas of their lives and awaken to a deeper-rooted identity in Christ.

“The limiting factor in most people’s lives is not lack of is always lack of encouragement,” says Ray Johnston, Bayside Church Senior Pastor and Thrive Leadership Conference President. “There’s a reason why Randy Rich has been a beacon of hope for me. He not only overcame slights about his size and speed to play in the NFL but has surmounted deeper, personal obstacles. His willingness to share his story, warts and all, has provided hope to thousands of us, and this book should minister to tens of thousands more.”

Nothing Wasted: Learning to Believe You Are Enough in a World of Labels is available through The Core Media Group and Amazon.


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