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Super Fan Tyler Trent’s Legacy Will Outlive Him in His Book, The Upset

Steve Zeller, author of "Raising Boys The Zeller Way," speaks at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.

According to the twenty-year-old sports writer, suffering from a rare bone cancer,

“Three months ago, doctors gave me three months to live…but, by the grace of God

and the generosity of Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, here I am.”

“Here” is Nashville, Tennessee, where Trent’s beloved Boilermakers (6-6) face the

favored Auburn Tigers (7-5) in Nissan Stadium on Friday, December 28 (ESPN). This

will be the first time these football teams have met.

Tyler Trent is the honorary Captain of the Music City Bowl.

This young man is beloved by the Purdue football team and staff, as well as the

university and surrounding community. But it was only this past fall that Tyler

Trent’s harrowing story rocketed out of Indiana and into the national spotlight

when he boldly predicted that Purdue would defeat Ohio State.

On October 19, 2018, an ESPN interviewer asked Tyler about the future, presumably

inquiring about his cancer prognosis. But Tyler’s response focused instead on the

next day when his Boilermakers would face the seemingly invincible Ohio State


“The immediate future in my mind? Purdue beats Ohio State.”

The ESPN video of Trent’s story and subsequent prediction went viral, being viewed

more than 20 million times on the Internet.

Though he was virtually alone in making this call, the next day his Boilermakers

soundly defeated the Buckeyes, 49-20…and miraculously, he was well enough to

experience the historic moment in person, even offering a short post-game speech in

the rowdy Purdue locker room after the game.

Tyler had never worn a Purdue jersey or helmet on the field, but he had become a

key member of the team.

This game provided the underlying metaphor of Trent’s book, THE UPSET: Life,

(Sports), Death…and the Legacy We Leave in the Middle. Available now at, Amazon, and other retailers, the book features a Foreword by Trent’s friend and ESPN anchor, Scott Van Pelt, as well as endorsements from many influencers in the world of sports and media.

Tyler Trent has had this kind of impact.


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